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Sacco Personal Loan

Saccos Meet their borrowing needs

The Sacco Personal Loans product was launched in July 2004 to help Saccos better meet the borrowing needs of their members, particularly during those times when Saccos have a challenge meeting the huge borrowing needs by members at certain times in the year.


We are currently the only bank offering this facility in Kenya.

The loan has been very helpful in assisting Saccos retain the loyalty of their members, some who had to wait long periods in the loans queue as the Sacco managed the seasonal surge in demand for loans, notably in January as members sought funding to pay school fees for their children.

What you need to qualify for the Sacco Personal loan:-

  • Must be a member of a Sacco.

  • Must be employed and earning a regular salary.

  • Other requirements apply as per our normal personal loans guidelines.

What you get with the Sacco Personal loan:-

  • You do not require to have an account with Co-op bank.

  • The applicants do not have to step into our branches to enjoy this facility since their application receipts and loan disbursements are done through their respective Sacco.

  • Once you qualify, the loan is advanced promptly.

How your Sacco benefits from the Sacco Personal loan:-

The Sacco gets to retain its members who would otherwise seek loans from competition.

The Sacco strengthens its relationship with the Bank, which improves its credit position for consideration for future facilities.