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Mobile Banking

Co-operative bank pioneered mobile banking way back in 2004 by enabling customers to access their accounts and transact using their mobile phones.


1. Banking

What services can I access under banking option on M-banking?

Balance enquiry

Account balance enquiry does not have to be a painful queuing exercise at the branch or the ATM. You can now confirm your account balance right from your mobile phone.

Mini statement

If you need to keep track of the last five transactions in your account, you can request for a mini statement which is then sent to you as an SMS

Pin Change

You are at liberty to change your mobile banking pin at any time if you need. This option provides you with a step by step process of how to change the mobile banking pin

Stop Cheque

Do you have a cheque that you have issued and you wish to stop? You can now send a request to the bank to stop the cheque.

Request Cheque Book

Need a cheque book and you have an account that qualifies for a cheque book? You are now enabled to request for the cheque book and specify the cheque leaves via your mobile phone without having to visit your branch.

Request Statement

You can now request for your bank statement which will be printed and sent to your branch ready for collection on the following working day. However, you must issue the request during bank working hours in order for the statement to be ready for collection on the following working day. If the request is sent after working hour, the statement will be ready for collection on the second working day.

2. Alerts

Can I activate and deactivate alerts on M-banking?

If you want to be notified via an SMS on credit and debit transactions in your account, you can turn on the credit/debit alerts using this option and every time there is a debit or credit transaction in your account, you will receive an SMS with the transaction details.

Further, you can specify the debit/credit amount for which you wish to receive the SMS alert for so that you do not receive alerts for every debit/credit transaction in your account.

3. Utility Payments

Can I pay bills using M-banking?

You can pay your utility bills conveniently using this service and your bill account with the utility company is updated on the following working day. (Real-time bill payment is on pilot) Currently, you can pay the following bills;

  • KPLC (only post paid bills and not used for buying prepaid units)

  • Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company Ltd

  • Safaricom Post paid bills

4. Airtime purchase

Can I buy airtime using M-banking?

Purchase of airtime directly to your phone is made easy and the purchase is only for prepaid phones and not post-paid lines. The transaction limits depend on the mobile telephone company that a customer is subscribed to. However, you can buy any amount of airtime. Currently, you can buy airtime for;

  • Safaricom
  • Airtel
  • Yu

5. Mpesa

Can I transfer funds from my account to Mpesa?


Mpesa registered users who have registered for mobile banking can withdraw money from their accounts which is sent to their registered mobile phones as Mpesa float.

The transaction limit is Kshs. 100-15,000 and the daily limit is Kshs. 70,000.

This is a convenience since the customer can discretely withdraw funds at anytime and from anywhere as long as they are registered and they have their mobile banking pin.

Funds Transfer

Can I transfer funds from my account to any other Co-operative bank account?

Transfers option enables a customer to transfer funds from their account to an account in Co-operative bank. The funds transfer is effected immediately as the service is real time.

The daily limit is Kshs. 70,000.

6. Payments

Can I pay a merchant using M-banking?

Registered mobile banking customers can now make payments to merchants (Schools/Estate management Companies/Insurance Companies) with accounts at co-operative Bank and have been registered for Mobile Banking Collections service and a Code allocated for the purpose of the collections.

7. Mpesa deposit to account

Can I deposit Mpesa to a Co-operative bank Account?

You can now deposit Mpesa directly from your phone to a co-operative bank account and the account is updated immediately. This allows you to pay your due bills, debts, transfer mpesa to beneficiaries holding accounts at Co-operative bank and be able to access cash from your Co-operative bank account beyond the normal Mpesa agents working hours. You do not need to register for mobile banking in order for you to deposit mpesa to a Co-operative bank account. The deposit can be done to any Co-operative bank account other than the customer’s account.
Transaction limit is Kshs. 70,000 but daily limit is Kshs. 140,000.

8. Bank contacts

Can I get Co-operative Bank contacts from Mbanking?

If you need to call the bank’s call centre, you can request for the call centre number using option 0.

9. Registration

How can I register for Mobile banking?

Co-operative Bank is the first bank to enable customers to register for mobile banking at any Co-operative bank ATM. All you need is your ATM card and ATM PIN and the mobile number you are registering. Just follow the simple process below to complete the registration.

a) Insert your ATM card
b) Input your ATM PIN
c) Select ‘Other Services’
d) Select ‘Utility Payments’
e) Select ‘Mobile Registration’
f) When asked for your mobile number to register, input the full mobile number
g) When asked to confirm the input mobile number on the ATM screen, press confirm if the number is correct and complete the registration

You will be sent your Mobile banking Pin within 1 hour after the registration and you are ready to start enjoying the service.

You can also register for mobile banking at any Co-operative bank branch.

How can I access Mbanking Service?

To access mobile banking service just dial *667# and follow the simple menu to select the service you need.
Safaricom subscribers who have run out of airtime can also dial *266# to access Safaricom airtime purchase service and transfer funds to Mpesa.

Currently, Safaricom, Airtel and Yu subscribers can register for mobile banking and access the service by dialling *667#.

For more details, you can call us on 0703027000 / 0736690101/ 020-2776000 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.