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Enjoy peace of mind by knowing that your cash is safe while it is in transit.

Co-operative Bank is Regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya.

Co-op CIT Services

Do you need a safe and reliable solution to transport or collect money?

Co-op Bank Cash-In-Transit (CIT) service is an outsourced solution that we offer to our customers by organizing for collection and delivery of large amounts of cash to or from a customer’s premises. This service is offered through an approved CIT vendor such as Wells Fargo, G4S, KK Security etc.

The scope of CIT services includes the following:

  1. Cash collection from a customer’s premises and delivery to the bank
  2. Cash delivery from the bank to the customer’s premises

Co-op Cash in Transit services will help you: 

  1. Improved liquidity management
  2. Safe, secure and efficient banking of bulk cash with convenience
  3. Reduced cost of banking bulk cash

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