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Co-op Bank Custody & Registrar Services offer financial solutions towards your growth.

Co-operative Bank is Regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya.

Custody & Registrar Services

Let us be your trusted and reliable partner in safeguarding your financial assets

and overseeing the change of status of those assets.. We offer:

  • Custody Services
  • Corporate Trustee Services
  • Safe Keeping Services
  • Share Registry Services


Custody Services

Our custody services are the best in the market. We have a rich heritage and custody experience spanning over 19 years since our registration as a custodian in 2001. Our team is comprised of competent individuals with a wealth of experience in the retirement & capital markets industry to walk hand in hand with you while safeguarding your financial assets.

Who do we serve?

Our custody solutions are tailor made to serves both individuals and institutions as shown below:

  • Pension schemes- With our experienced staff, extensive technological platforms, branch network and bank balance sheet, we will walk hand in hand with you to maneuver the fast-changing capital markets landscape.   
  • Investment Managers- At Co-op Custody, we have the scale, technology, depth of services and unique insights to offer a broad set of operationally efficient and scalable solutions to help you focus on what you do best: investing of assets.
  • Insurance companies- Whether you are a life, non-life, reinsurance or health insurance company, we understand the challenges you face and the opportunities you need to leverage on investments solutions.             
  • Brokers- We understand the challenges facing our brokers and with our technology solutions, dependable operational support, and robust clearing and collateral management services, we will help you navigate today's bonds marketplace.
  • Sovereign funds- We design risk-efficient processes for each institution as asset safety is at the forefront of everything we do. This coupled with the best-in-class performance analysis will-be employed to guarantee utmost success.
  • Wealth management for High net-worth individuals & corporates clients- This is a service designated for clients looking for a holistic approach in managing their financial wealth beyond the realm of traditional investing.

What do we do?

  • Safekeeping of securities: We hold in safe custody all physical documents of title & financial securities (e.g. bonds and shares) for our clients in a fiduciary capacity. 
  • Settlement of investment instructions: Ensure investments instructions are settled in line with the applicable SLAs (e.g. T+3 for shares).  
  • Activity reporting: We furnish you with information and periodic reports that you need to fully understand your investments and make informed decision for your ultimate growth.  We provide detailed valuation reports, summary reports, daily cash statements and others.
  • Administer corporate actions: Ensure execution of instructions such as share splits, rights issues, bonuses etc. to our clients’ benefits.
  • Capital & income collection- We ensure all proceeds from investments (e.g. dividends, coupon payments, interest) are realized in time and duly credited into clients’ account.
  • Payment processing: Ensure prompt client funds transfer and swift/payment advice provided for our clients’ records.
  • Central depository agency services: Co-op Custody is an agent of the Central Depository and Settlement Corporation (CDSC) and therefore is able to open and maintain CDS account for investment in equities and bonds.

Our value propositions

  • Digital Automations- Leverage our highly integrated technology platforms for accurate and timely access of valuation reports to help manage your portfolio better.
  • Processing efficiencies- We carry out a straight through processing of all investments instructions and provide intraday settlement confirmations to our clients’ benefits.
  • Activity reporting- Array of reports to help you better understand your investment portfolio, performance, associated exposures and adherence to RBA and your scheme specific investments rules.
  • Rich network of sub-custodians- Through our correspondent banking desk, we can enter into sub-custodial arrangements with any bank in the world and pursue offshore investments for our clients’ benefits
  • Global custodial standards- We benchmark with other custodians globally and are able to accommodate client specific benchmark in reporting and settlement.
  • Client service focus: Our customer centricity is demonstrated in our customer specific reporting, monthly and quarterly touch points with all our clients and the overall process of query handling which is usually less than 24hrs.
  • Support of a wide array of asset classes- Our systems scalability and a business change mentality, any market changes are quickly assimilated into our day to day and reporting exercises.
  • Alternative investments- Gain through our expertise of investing & settlements in new and upcoming products such as REITs, derivatives and other in the capital markets
  • Overall market expertise- Our staff offering is fully trained in the mandatory and the additional industry trainings e.g. CISI and Trustee Development Plan of Kenya.

For further details, kindly reach us on the contacts below:

Email us on

Telephone contacts on 020 3276237/781 or 0711049237/781

Contact us through our social media channels (WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter)

Visit our office at CIC Plaza B, 3rd Floor, Mara Road, Upper Hill

Corporate Trustee Services

Our mandate as corporate trustee is structured to protect our customers and give value to the beneficiaries. We carry out our trustee services by taking legal ownership of the assets in a collective investment scheme, assuming fiduciary responsibility in managing of the assets and the general execution of the purpose of the trust as laid out in the trust deed.

Who are our target clients?

  1. Unit Trusts registered under the capital markets (collective investments scheme) regulations, 2001
  2. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) as provided under the capital markets (real estate investment trusts) (collective investments scheme) regulations, 2013

Our value propositions

  • Professionalism- Our Trustee Services team is highly trained in all the relevant courses required in the specialized dispensation of our roles as Trustees for our customers’ benefits.
  • Proper & sound governance structure- The Bank employs various unit in the governance of unit trusts and REITs for the benefit of our customers. Our Trustee services unit is answerable to the Bank’s compliance dept, audit dept and risk department for an extra layer of governance and to ensure our customers are covered on all ends.
  • Invaluable experience- Co-op Bank is the first and the only Bank in Kenya with experience in the structure and governance of REITs products. We are the trustee of the first REIT in Kenya (Fahari I-REIT) and have partnered with Acorn in formation of their REIT.
  • Customer centricity- Each of our client is accorded a relationship manager who is available to oversee and interrogate fund managers investments, ensure compliance with the laid-out regulations and scheme rules, scrutinize period reports and answer to the beneficiaries in an annual AGM. 
  • Competitive pricing- Our pricing is flexible enough to accommodate clients without compromising on the professionalism.

Who can assist with additional trustee information?

Email us on

Call us on 020 3276237/781 or 0711 049 237/781

Contact us through our social media platforms (WhatApp, Facebook and Twitter)

Visit our offices at CIC Plaza wing B, 3rd Floor, Mara Road, Upperhill

Safe Keeping of Parcels

The service is intended to relieve our customers the stress of losing a valuable document and the hustle of replacing the same. At a reasonable price of Kes 3,000pa, we offer the peace of mind that your valuables are safe with us at Co-operative Bank.

This service is ideal for both individuals and corporate with valuable documents and would wish to safeguard these documents against threats such as fire, burglary, loss or damage.

Acceptable items under safekeeping include title deeds, insurance policy documents, academic certs, marriage certs, data back-up and motor vehicle log-books among others.  

Available options under safe keeping service

This service comes in two options:

i. Renters safe keeping boxes: -

  • Under this option, the Bank rent out a safe box to our customers of varying sizes; small, medium and large.
  • Client is assigned two keys and the box is accessible during normal working hours.
  • Ideal for storage of title deeds, academic/marriage certs, data back-ups, logbooks, insurance policy documents and jewelry.
  • Requirements are the standard KYC for individuals and company, standing order form and an executed renters’ box application form.   
  • The price is competitive at Kes 12,000 for a large box, Kes 8,000 for a medium box and Kes 4,800 for a small box.

ii. Branch safe keeping of parcels: -

  • The service is available for our Co-op Bank customers and is offered through- out our branch network.
  • The Bank accepts properly sealed documents in envelopes within legal discretion that what the client has provided is lawful.  
  • Ideal for academic/marriage certs, title deeds, insurance policy documents, log books and data back-up.
  • Competitively priced at Kes 3,000 p.a.

Who can assist with additional information?

Email us on

Call us on 020 3276237/781 or 0711049237/781

Contact us through our social media channels (WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter)

Visit our office at CIC Plaza B, 3rd Floor, Mara Road, Upper Hill

Share Registry Services

The Co-op Bank is a professional share registrar services provider and have incorporated innovative technological solutions to provide a top of the class experience to corporate clients. With our wealth of experience in delivering the share registry mandate, our partnership will be worthwhile for both of our companies as well as your shareholders.

 Who needs this share registry service?

  • Co-operative societies, listed companies, non-listed companies who have shareholders.
  • Institutions and bodies requiring mass cheque payments i.e. county governments, schools, and companies.

Our key deliverables.

  • Share register maintenance- We maintain an updated share register for our customers at all times by leveraging on our REGARD system that is used internationally for share registrar services. 
  • AGM management services- In liaison with our clients, we administer setting/sending out of agenda notices for AGMs & EGMs, distribute annual reports, compile proxy forms among others so that our clients can focus on other more important matters.
  • Online AGM administration- With our innovative technology, we are able to support online attendance of Annual General Meetings and conduct voting to the benefit of our clients.
  • Dividend processing- We leverage on our banking systems and operations to offer the best and quickest dividend settlement modes to our customers’ benefit.
  • Activity reporting- We issue reconciliation reports through-out the dividend cycle to the benefits of our clients, their auditors and other stakeholders to aid in decision making.
  • Corporate action administration- We undertake and process bonus issues, rights issues, share splits among other corporate actions in a professional and agile fashion to our clients benefit.
  • Certificate issuance- We support issuance of share certificates for those of our clients who requires this service.  
  • Cheque writing services- With our automated cheque writing machines, we are able to process thousands of cheques within a very short time for salary payments and bursary payments of school fees.
  • Regulatory compliance- We ensure compliance with various government bodies such as the KRA in regard to withholding tax and the UFAA for unclaimed dividends while keeping our client in the know.

Who can assist with additional information?

Email us on

Call us on 020 3276237/781 or 0711049237/781

Contact us through our social media channels (WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter)

Visit our office at CIC Plaza B, 3rd Floor, Mara Road, Upper Hill

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