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Mshiriki Current Account

Do you find saving by yourself to be difficult? A chama could be the answer! Let us help you and your chama achieve financial freedom!

Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress but finding the right financial partner is the ultimate goal in achieving chama members’ financial freedom!

Mshiriki Current Account is a transactional account for groups and chamas, registered or informal, to support their financial goals safely and securely.

  1. No minimum operating balance
  2. Access to funds as many times as required
  3. Cheque withdrawals making reconciliation easier
  4. No monthly ledger fee
  5. Free withdrawals
  6. Free deposits
  7. Groups can access group loans
  8. Convenient mobile banking and internet banking available
  9. Cheque book costs Ksh 10 per cheque leaf on requisition
  1. Originals and copies of National Identity Cards of the official signatories
  2. Minimum opening balance of Ksh 2,000
  3. For registered groups, the following are necessary:
    • Group Registration Certificate
    • Group Constitution
    • Letter of introduction from the registering authority
    • Group minutes resolving to open the account
    • List of members with ID Numbers and signatures
    • Copy of KRA PIN
  4. For informal groups, the following are necessary:
    • Signatories to open a joint account
    • Copy of KRA PIN
      (NB: Group Registration Certificate and Introduction Letter are not required)

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