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Get a home loan that is just right for you

Co-operative Bank is Regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya.

Good Home Mortgage

Actualize your dream of owning a home by getting a Co-op Bank mortgage loan.

The Good Home Mortgage has various features, tailored to suit individual needs and to make loan repayments more comfortable.

For construction

  1. We allow both labour and fixed sum contracts subject to the amount sought.
  2. We consider projected rental income in assessing loan repayment ability.
  3. Facility drawn in tranches allowing one to only pay interest on the drawn amount.
  4. Mode and structure of disbursement on re-imbursement basis to ensure proper project implementation and completion.
  5. Accommodation on ample grace period for principal servicing up to 18 months based on project magnitude.

What makes the Good Home Mortgage unique in the market? 

  1. We do upfront disclosure of all our processes and charges for your benefit.
  2. We combine both variable and fixed rolling mortgages, which gives you the benefit of choosing what interest regime is good for you. In short, we have a two-in-one mortgage facility.
  3. For Co-operative Society members (SACCOs), we offer support so that they can in turn lend to you as a society member.
  4. We have special products targeting the rural population who would like to develop affordable but decent homes. These include offering wholesale mortgages and technical support to housing co-operatives to lend to their members.
  5. We have redefined turnkey projects to also include individuals who team up and wish to construct houses under structured projects for owner occupation.
  6. We will avail a partnership mortgage with the co-operative societies to enable them to easily mobilize their members and give them affordable housing.
  1. Good Faith Estimate
    This is a document provided by Co-operative Bank to Good Home Mortgage customers, showing how an estimate that includes an itemised list of fees and costs associate with your mortgage loan. The Good Faith Estimate is, however, just an estimate.
  2. Project Certification
    The project approval facility provides customers the comfort of purchasing properties from builders who have complied with all basic documentation. We will issue prospective buyers with a Good Home Buyer’s Guide to enable proper evaluation of what is available.
  3. Accelerated Repayment Scheme
    The scheme offers the customer a great opportunity to repay the loan faster by increasing the monthly instalments. Whenever you get an increment in your disposable income or have lump sum funds for loan repayments, you can benefit by saving on the interest to be paid.
  4. Fixed and Variable Rates
    Our rates are quite flexible and competitive. We have both fixed and variable rates, which are dependent on the terms of the mortgage. 
Additional Features
  1. A maximum of 95% of the mortgage value, hence you only need to have a minimum of 5% of the amount if your property is for owner occupation.
  2. 105% financing with collateral replacement indemnity cover.
  3. We consider a maximum of 50% of your income as what can be applied to repay the facility.
  4. Costs associated with the process will amount to about 7% of the selling price.
  5. For co-operative societies, requirements depend on the product chosen and the borrowing power limits.
  6. An account with Co-operative Bank to allow you easier access to the Good Home Mortgage.
  7. Automatic qualification for a credit card of up to Ksh 200,000 based on the mortgage amount approved.
  8. Automatic executive banking membership with discounted monthly charges.
  9. Mortgage protection cover includes retrenchment benefit.
  10. Properties financed by the bank in various locations to suit different budgets (subject to confirmation on a clean title, free from encumbrances and where all land rates and rent are cleared).
Account Opening Requirements
  1. Self-evaluation is the first step in getting a Good Home Mortgage. Evaluate your current and future needs, especially the kind of home you are looking for in relation to your projected future income.
  2.  The Good Home Mortgage matches your needs to the product specification. Requirements are then drawn up based on various key factors like the type of property to be acquired, the value, location, age of the borrower, income details, among others.
  3. Joint applications allow borrowers to combine their incomes for example:
    • Spouses borrowing jointly
    • Partners
    • Parents and their children who wish to purchase properties together where the parent is nearing retirement and their children have started working
  4. Copy of KRA PIN
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