​Individual Pension Plan

Our product is designed to deliver on the needs and expectations of the client. The Individual Pension Plan has the following features:-

Returns: The funds are able to attract good returns given that it enjoys the direct market rates. Investments in capital market instruments also enables us trade on a consistent basis in the secondary market and as such the fund is able to enjoy capital gains.
Individual Investment Account: Every account is maintained independently reflecting each investor's participation in a particular security. We pool investments for cash deposits and fixed income investments (e.g. Government Securities) to take advantage of the economies of scale.

Diversification of Assets: Every account comprises of a mix of various investment securities ranging from Government Treasury Bonds and Bills, fixed deposits, commercial paper and corporate bonds. Depending on the clients risk perception and objectives we also invest in quoted equities.

Liquidity: Depending on your needs, on ample notice we are able to meet your recurrent cash requirements whilst ensuring that your funds remain optimally invested.

Reporting: On a quarterly basis we provide you with reports highlighting the following:
  • Quarterly economic commentary
  • Summary of Investments
  • Investment Statements
  • Income and expenditure position

Fund Withdrawal: Subject to a 30 day notice, one can close the fund and all investments paid/ transferred as per their request.

The Individual Pension Plan is registered with the Capital Markets Authority.