Custodial Services

Let us be your trusted and reliable partner in safeguarding your financial assets and overseeing the change of status of those assets

With our dedicated relationship management team that is supported by a robust technology infrastructure, we offer our clients the following custodial services:

  • Safekeeping of scheme assets
  • Transaction processing and settlement
  • Processing registration of the assets title documents
  • Collection of income on the investments
  • Undertaking corporate actions
  • Execution of both local and offshore trade settlements.

Value-added services include: 

  • Facilitating foreign exchange transactions
  • Proxy voting
  • Tax claims and exemption facilitation

We observe sound procedures to ensure professional service to customers through: 

  • custody agreements between Trustees and ourselves
  • Service level agreements between other service providers and ourselves
  • safety and security of assets
  • reliable and efficient information systems

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