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Foreign Exchange Terms and Conditions

  1. The commercial terms of the contract on foreign exchange are as per the agreed terms set out in the confirmation attached or electronically generated by the Bank’s online platforms.
  2. The rates, date, and amounts on the contract are assumed to be correct if no response is received from the client within 24hours of receiving the document
  3. The contacts shared by You will be assumed to be correct.
  4. The Bank expects only Your authorized officers to deal/engage in the business of foreign exchange on behalf of your organization and it is assumed they have full authority to engage, execute and close foreign exchange contracts on Your behalf.
  5. The communication with the Bank’s Treasury department is done on recorded telephone lines. These may be reviewed in future in case of disputes or may be availed to an investigative or regulatory authority should need arise.
  6. The deal information is deemed confidential and will only be availed to authorized persons relevant to the transaction.
  7. The Bank’s Dealers will endeavour to communicate in a manner that is clear, accurate, and professional and ensures that deal information is accurate.
  8. The foreign exchange deals done will be within the applicable laws of Kenya and subject to the governance of the Central Bank of Kenya’s rules and regulation guiding foreign exchange dealing.
  9. Any deal done electronically will be assumed to have adhered to all the relevant authorities of both You/Your organizations and the Bank.
  10. The Bank will endeavour to send the confirmation as soon as practicable to Your officer who is required to review the full details.