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Make payments and access your funds conveniently with the elephant in your wallet

Co-operative Bank is Regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya.

Prepaid Cards

You do not have to be a Co-op Bank customer to own a Co-op Pre-paid Card!

A pre-paid card is a payment card loaded with money to make purchases anywhere that a debit or credit card is accepted including ATMs, POS, mobile money, online, abroad etc.

Our pre-paid cards are EMV compliant (having both chip and magnetic stripe) and all transactions are verified and authorized via a two factor authentication, that is, card and PIN/signature.

Co-op Bank pre-paid cards include:

  1. Co-op Pay
  2. HELB Student Smart Cards
  3. Sacco Pay

With a Pre-paid card you can:

  • Make purchases in person, online, or by phone
  • Give gifts to friends and family
  • Withdraw cash from an ATM or bank
  • Receive wages or funds by direct deposit to the card
  • Pay bills
HELB Student Smart Cards

The HELB Smart Card is a pre-loaded card that allows college students easy access to their money. The card is also used to make purchases and/or withdraw cash from any VISA Branded ATMs countrywide as well as Co-operative Bank agents.  

The card is issued to the student and is linked centrally to a sponsoring university/college. In addition, the card is used to access HELB disbursements. Sponsors and students can also load funds into the card at Co-op branches, Co-op Kwa Jirani agents, Co-op Banks ATMs and MCo-op Cash. 


  1. Card features include the following:
  2. Multi-wallet card with 3 wallet accounts (Tuition, Upkeep & VISA)
  3. The student’s names 
  4. The university’s name and logo
  5. The student’s photos
  6. The student’s course 
  7. The student’s registration number
  8. Access barcode at the back of the card
  9. Usage in any VISA branded ATMs and POS terminals worldwide
  10. The card will be Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled 
  11. Ability to receive funds from other sources like HELB
  12. Reloadable on the VISA wallet


Benefits to Cardholders

  1. Security
  2. Convenience/suitability
  3. Better budgeting and planning tool
  4. Several transaction access points e.g. Co-op ATMs, agents, VISA branded ATMs and merchants
  5. Ease of use anywhere/availability 
  6. Flexibility of disbursements



  1. Duly signed application/contract agreement between the University and Co-op Bank 
  2. Signed mass data upload instructions for all prospective cardholders by the University
General Safety Information
  1. DO NOT share your PIN
  2. DO NOT write your PIN on the card or anywhere else
  3. Keep your card safe at all times

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