Reporting Possible Violations

Each of us must speak up promptly if there is any reason to suspect that anyone in the Bank or its subsidiaries has violated Bank policies or Banking laws. We must also report any activity that could damage the Bank’s reputation and one resource available to each of us is the email facility. 

Send an email to

Reporting any Illegal or Unethical Behavior

Employees are encouraged to speak up and talk to supervisors, managers, or other appropriate personnel about observed behavior, which they believe may be illegal or a violation of this Code of Conduct or any other Bank policy or when in doubt about the best course of action in a particular situation, through any of the available reporting channels including those here below.

An employee who comes to learn of a colleague’s involvement in such behaviors including fraud activities is encouraged to report to Director-Human Resources in confidence or Head of Security or their Team Leaders. Such reports will be handled in confidence and can be done through a letter addressed to Director Human Resources or through the email address or It is the policy of the Bank not to allow retaliation for reports made in good faith by employees of misconduct by others. Employees are expected to cooperate in internal investigations of misconduct.

The Bank will review all reports of unlawful or unethical conduct and will not tolerate threats or acts of intimidation or retaliation against staff who make such reports. The Bank will deal firmly with such instances. You can use the above contacts to report concerns or complaints regarding any Code violations, including but not limited to: –

  • Suspected theft, embezzlement, or fraud
  • Bribery (Kickbacks) and Negligence
  • Conflicts of interest or antitrust issues
  • Possible violations of Human Resources policies and practices
  • Potential discrimination or harassment concerns


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