Salary Account

Make your salary work for you with a Salary Account

 Salary Account

Reduce your mid-month cash crisis by having access to cash advances and personal loans with Co-op Salary Account.

This is a transactional account designed to facilitate salary processing. It’s targeted at employees and is arguably the best salary account in Kenya


  • Minimum opening balance – Nil
  • Minimum operating balance – Nil
  • No Monthly Maintenance fee
  • Salary processing fee applicable
  • Access to Loan products such as Personal Loans and Cash Advances.
  • Debit card
  • Access to a credit card


  • Identity card/ Passport- original and copy
  • Passport Photo (To be taken at the branch)
  • KShs.600/= for the Debit Card (inclusive of Excise Duty of 20%)
  • Copy of KRA PIN

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