Personal Loan

Meet your financial situations with a brave face.

 Personal Loan

Imagine the possibilities with a Co-opBank Personal Loan. Go ahead and dream big!

Whether you want to make a major purchase, finance a wedding or pay school fees, a Co-opBank Personal Loan is a simple and convenient borrowing solution to help you reach your goals.


  • Minimum loan amount of Ksh 50,000
  • Maximum loan amount of Ksh 4,000,000
  • Maximum term of up to 96 months
  • Purposes to be covered include education, medical, furniture, consumer durables, motor vehicles, plot purchase, holidays and shares
  • Applications to be appraised using credit scoring
  • Applications appraised within 48 hours


  • Employed individuals or individuals with a regular income
  • Original National Identity Card and a copy
  • Original PIN Certificate and a copy
  • No specific minimum net salary is required
  • Salary pay slips for the last 3 months
  • Filled in loan application form
  • Copy of KRA PIN

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