Get more customers by accepting online card payments via Chapa Pay, our e-commerce solution.

Do you promote your goods and services on the online space, e.g. via a website, social media platforms, WhatsApp, etc? Get more customers by accepting online card payments via Chapa Pay, Co-op Bank’s e-commerce solution!

Chapa Pay e-commerce solution allows you to receive online card payments from your customers directly into your Co-op Bank account.

Solution for merchants without a website

You can still receive online card payments without owning a website.


How does Co-op Bank e-commerce solution work without a website?

  1. The merchant receives a unique link (Pay-By-Link) which they will use to invoice their customers. It works as follows.
  2. Once the merchant and the customer agree on the pricing, the merchant sends the payment link to the customer’s email address.
  3. The customer will receive an invoice with the link on their email.
  4. The link will open up a portal where the customer will insert their card details and the amount they are to pay.
  5. Once the payment goes through, the merchant will receive a payment confirmation via email and SMS.
  6. The customer will also receive a notification via SMS in the event they have subscribed to SMS alerts with their card provider.

Advantages of Chapa Pay e-commerce Solution (Pay-By-Link) Option:

  1. The merchant does not incur any cost to get the Pay-By-Link solution. It is FREE to get onboarded.
  2. The solution is secure, because it is 3D secure, with two-factor authentication for all card payments.
  3. In the event a customer makes a wrong payment, the merchant can reverse the payment without calling the bank for a reversal.
  4. The customer cannot reverse a payment, therefore reducing the risks to merchants, to lose money from dubious characters.
  5. Payment reconciliation is easy for the merchant since they can track payments and view payments from a single dashboard.

Solution with merchants with a website or mobile applications (APPs)

Merchants who have built web checkout & mobile applications (APPs) and would like to enrich their applications with online card payment acceptance can now be able to do so with Chapa Pay e-commerce solution.

How you stand to benefit:

  • Simplicity: The integration models are easy and quick to implement.
  • Reliability: The solution once integrated into a merchant site is available 24/7.
  • Safety: Chapa Pay e-commerce platform is payment card industry – data security standard (PCI-DSS) compliant ensuring the safety and security of customer card details.
  • Best customer experience and practice: dedicated relationship management backed by 24/7 operations support.
  • Most of all it creates convenience for customers and overcomes geographical limitations.
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