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Carry out a variety of banking transactions straight from your mobile phone via MCo-op Cash

Co-operative Bank is Regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya.

Mobile Banking (MCo-op Cash)

Making time for the bank can be tough, but banking shouldn’t be an inconvenience. We have therefore made it possible for you to bank anytime and anywhere! 

Some people love to go to the bank, but if you are not one of them, we completely understand. Transact straight from your phone by simply dialing *667# or via the MCo-op Cash App.

To download the app, go to Google Play Store  or the Apple Store

With MCo-op Cash, you can access these services:

  1. Deposit or save money 
  2. Apply and pay for a loan
  3. Send money to another MCo-op Cash Account, Co-op Bank Account or SACCO Account
  4. Send money to other mobile money services, for example, M-PESA
  5. Withdraw money at a Co-op Agent or Co-op ATM
  6. Transfer money to and from your Co-op Account or SACCO Account
  7. Buy airtime for any mobile number
  8. Pay bills, for example, KPLC, DStv, KRA Tax and Insurance
  9. Pay for goods and services
  10. Pay fees, for example, school fees or rent
  11. Check your account balance or get a statement
  12. Buy, sell or transfer shares
  13. Activate SMS alerts for debits and credits 
Terms & Conditions


This Agreement sets out the complete Terms and Conditions (hereinafter called "these Terms and Conditions") which shall be applicable to the Mobile Money Account (as hereinafter defined) opened by you (as hereinafter defined) with the Bank (as hereinafter defined).

These Terms and Conditions and any amendments or variations thereto take effect on their date of publication.
The Customer accepts and acknowledges that this is a legal and binding agreement between the Customer and the Bank once accepted by both parties.

MCo-op Cash Terms & Conditions


Limits & Tariff Guide
  1. Credit card transactions attract a cash advance fee of 6% less excise duty
  2. Tariffs are bound to change at short notice
  3. Tariffs indicated are independent of appropriate Government taxes

Tarrifs for Bank Transactions

Tarrifs for MCo-op Cash Transactions

School / Institution Codes

Click here to view your Institution's code 

MCo-opCash Salary Loan

Loan Features

1. You can apply for up to Ksh 200,000 – a maximum of 1.5 times your net salary (that is, the amount that is paid into your Co-op account)

For example, if your net salary is Ksh 10,000, you can apply for a maximum of 1.5 x Ksh 10,000 = Ksh 15,000.

2. You can repay the loan in 1 month or 3 months

For example, if you take a loan of Ksh 15,000, you can repay the full Ksh 15,000 after one month, or pay Ksh 5,000 per month for 3 months.

3. All you have to do is:

  • Dial *667# or use the MCo-opCash app
  • Register for MCo-opCash (free of charge)
  • Link your salary account at the nearest branch
  • Apply for a loan

4. The money will be deposited into your MCo-opCash account INSTANTLY! You can withdraw the money at any Co-op ATM or agent.

5. No approvals from your employer or guarantors required. Just you and your mobile phone!



1. What is the interest rate of the loan?

You will be charged a one-off fee of only 8% of the loan amount, which will be deducted from the loan before the money is deposited into your MCo-opCash account.

2. How will I repay the loan?

The bank will automatically deduct the repayments from your account, for the period which you opted to pay back the loan: either 1 month or 3 months. You can also initiate payment from your account.

3. Can I apply for an MCo-opCash Salary Loan if I have another loan with Co-op Bank, for example, a personal loan?

Yes. As long as the total monthly loan repayments do not exceed 50% of your net salary which is paid into the Co-op account.

4. Must I open a Salary Account or can my salary be paid into any Co-op account?

You do not have to open a Co-op Salary Account. Your salary can be paid into any Co-op account except the Pure Savings (Hekima) account.

5. If my salary starts being paid into a Co-op account today, how soon can I apply for an MCo-opCash Salary Loan?

You can apply for the loan after 3 months.

6. If I default on the loan, will the bank access money from my other Co-op accounts?

Yes. The loan repayment will be deducted from any of your Co-op accounts.

If you have any queries or challenges, call customer service on 0703 027000.

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