Share Registry Services

 Share Registry Services

With our wealth of experience in delivering the share registry mandate, our partnership will be worthwhile for both of our companies as well as your shareholders.

Who needs this share registry service?

  • Co-operative societies, listed companies, non-listed companies who have shareholders.
  • Institutions and bodies requiring mass cheque payments i.e. county governments, schools, and companies.

Our key deliverables.

  • Share register maintenance – We maintain an updated share register for our customers at all times by leveraging on our REGARD system that is used internationally for share registrar services.
  • AGM management services – In liaison with our clients, we administer setting/sending out of agenda notices for AGMs & EGMs, distribute annual reports, compile proxy forms among others so that our clients can focus on other more important matters.
  • Dividend processing – We leverage on our banking systems and operations to offer the best and quickest dividend settlement modes to our customers’ benefit.
  • Activity reporting- We issuereconciliation reports through-out the dividend cycle to the benefits of our clients, their auditors and other stakeholders to aid in decision making.
  • Corporate action administration – We undertake and process bonus issues, rights issues, share splits among other corporate actions in a professional and agile fashion to our clients benefit.
  • Certificate issuance – We support issuance of share certificates for those of our clients who requires this service.
  • Cheque writing services – With our automated cheque writing machines, we are able to process thousands of cheques within a very short time for salary payments and bursary payments of school fees.
  • Regulatory compliance – We ensure compliance with various government bodies such as the KRA in regard to withholding tax and the UFAA for unclaimed dividends while keeping our client in the know.

Who can assist with additional information?

Email us on:

Telephone contacts on 020 3276743/781 or 0711049743/781

Contact us through our social media channels (WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter)

Visit our office at KUSCCO Centre, Ground Floor, Kilimanjaro Road, Upper Hill.

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