Corporate Trustee Services

 Corporate Trustee Services

We carry out our trustee services by taking legal ownership of the assets in a collective investment scheme, assuming fiduciary responsibility in managing of the assets and the general execution of the purpose of the trust as laid out in the trust deed.

Who are our target clients?

  1. Unit Trusts registered under the capital markets (collective investments scheme) regulations, 2001
  2. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) as provided under the capital markets (real estate investment trusts) (collective investments scheme) regulations, 2013

Our value propositions

  • Professionalism – Our Trustee Services team is highly trained in all the relevant courses required in the specialized dispensation of our roles as Trustees for our customers’ benefits.
  • Proper & sound governance structure – The Bank employs various unit in the governance of unit trusts and REITs for the benefit of our customers. Our Trustee services unit is answerable to the Bank’s compliance dept, audit dept and risk department for an extra layer of governance and to ensure our customers are covered on all ends.
  • Invaluable experience – Co-op Bank is the first and the only Bank in Kenya with experience in the structure and governance of REITs products. We are the trustee of the first REIT in Kenya (Fahari I-REIT) and have partnered with Acorn in formation of their REIT.
  • Customer centricity – Each of our client is accorded a relationship manager who is available to oversee and interrogate fund managers investments, ensure compliance with the laid-out regulations and scheme rules, scrutinize period reports and answer to the beneficiaries in an annual AGM.
  • Competitive pricing – Our pricing is flexible enough to accommodate clients without compromising on professionalism.

Who can assist with additional trustee information?

Email us on:

Telephone contacts on 020 3276237/781 or 0711049237/781

Contact us through our social media channels (WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter)

Visit our office at KUSCCO Centre, Ground Floor, Kilimanjaro Road, Upper Hill.

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