Institutional Banking

Discover Co-op Bank Institutional Banking universe; Innovative banking services to meet the unique needs of your organization

 Institutional Banking

Cooperative Bank’s Institutional Banking offers solutions for NGOs, diplomatic missions, public sector organizations, donor agencies, embassies, faith-based organizations, insurance companies, private entities, educational institutions, Professional Bodies, Trusts, and many more.

Our offerings are client-driven with solutions ranging but not limited to:

a) Robust multi-collection platforms;

b) Robust multi-payment platforms;

c) Support on Investments through our enhanced customer accounts;

d) Financial advisory services based on current market trends;

1. Market research through our Subsidiaries — Kingdom Securities Limited;
2. Fund management — Cooptrust Investment Services Limited;
3. Financial Clinics to you and your staff through Training;

e) Dedicated Relationship Management — Your sector is well represented in terms of Sector Expertise;

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