We have affordable and safe money transfer options available for you to choose from


Send and Receive Money locally or around the globe via MoneyGram at a Co-op Bank branch. We are an authorized agent for MoneyGram services. These services can be accessed from any of our 150+ branches countrywide Selected Co-op Kwa Jirani and Selected Saccos.


MoneyGram makes receiving money transfers easy and convenient plus, with the same-day service, your money can arrive as soon as 10 minutes*.

  • Request for the reference number – The person sending you money will receive a reference number when the transaction is completed. Ask for the reference number to make it easier and faster to pick up your money.
  • Visit your nearest Co-operative Bank branch or selected co-op kwa jirani agents or Saccos- Take your reference number and your national Identity card, a valid passport or ID to pick up your money.
  • Complete the remittance form – available at our branches countrywide.
  • Show your identification
  • Once verified, you will receive your money (usually in local currency (Kenya shillings))
  • Important: Your name on the transfer record must exactly match your name as it appears on your ID. Otherwise, you may be delayed or be unable to pick up your funds.


  • Visit the nearest Co-operative Bank branch and bring your national ID card, a valid passport or an ID.
  • Complete a simple remittance form where you will indicate: the amount you wish to send, destination country, and the name of the person you intend to send to.
  • The agent/teller will calculate for you the cost of the transaction and process the transaction.
  • You’ll receive a receipt and reference number for the transaction. Save both for your records.
  • Contact the person receiving your money transfer and let them know the transfer has been sent and provide the Reference Number

Services Offered

  • Inbound/receive money: Transfer of money from outside the country into Kenya
  • Outbound/send money: Transfer of money from Kenya payable to any Branch location
  • Local: Transfer of money from one town to another within Kenya payable in any of our MoneyGram locations
  • D2B (Direct to Bank) service: This is a service that allows customers to send money to beneficiary accounts (for selected countries)
  • D2W ( Direct to Mobile) service: This is a service that allows customers to send money to beneficiary mobile wallets (for selected countries)

For more details – kindly visit any of our branches countrywide.

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