2023 AWARD

    Overall Winner in KBA Customer Satisfaction Survey

2022 AWARDS.

    Best Overall in Satisfactory Customer Experience. 33000 respondents from 38 member Banks
    Electricity Savings Award – Small Consumers – 1st Runners Up Service Sector Award-1st Runners Up Best New Entrant Award-Winner
  5. WINNER – African Banker of the Year
    Esther Kariuki (Head, Agrico-operatives)
    Excellence in Customer Experience
  7. Best Women and Youth empowerment Programs.
    Education Scholarship Program Adoption of Agribusiness and use of Renewable Energy Technologies for Agriculture by Youth in Kenya
  8. Sustainability Awards
  • Most Sustainable Bank in Kenya
  • Most Innovative Bank
  • Best in financing Commercial
  • Clients 1ST Runners up – Best in Sustainable Finance
  • 1ST Runners up – Best in Covid 19 response
  • 2ND Runners Up – Best in Financing MSME

Honorary Mention – Product innovation of the year 2021

2021 Awards
• Best Bank CEO of the year – Africa
The Board of Directors’ bold decision to sustain the same level of dividend payments to shareholders despite the Covid-19 crisis
offered a most timely relief, especially to the over 15 Million-Member Co-operative Movement, whose livelihoods would have been
severely impaired had the dividend been withheld.
The Bank notably also sustained a relentless focus on Staff Wellness with the unprecedented challenges occasioned by the
Covid-19 pandemic; notably it undertook a bank-wide analysis to identify and address manpower inefficiencies spurred by the
disruption, with a critical focus on staff redeployment/retention other than redundancies.
• Best Bank – Kenya
• Best Bank in Financial inclusion – Africa
• Best Asset manager, Co-optrust Investments Services – Kenya

VISA Awards 2021
• Best SME Acquirer solution Roll-out
• Best contactless champion – Issuing bank
• Most financially Inclusive Bank

2020 Awards:
• Best Bank in Kenya by EMEA Finance African Banking Awards 2020
• Best Bank in Kenya by Financial Times Banker awards 2020

2019 Awards

  • Best Bank in Sustainable Finance in Kenya by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers Awards 2019
  • Winner: Environmental Sustainability Reporting by ICPAK FIRE Awards 2019
  • Product innovation of the year by global SME Finance Awards 2019
  • Best Bank in Kenya by EMEA Finance African Banking Awards 2019
  • Kenya Bankers Association, in its 2019 Catalyst Awards
  1. Overall Winner
  2. Winner Client Case Study – Financing SMEs
  3. 1st runner up Best in Sustainable Finance
  4. 1st runner up Bank Case Study – Bank Operations
  5. 1st runner up Financing the informal sector
  6. 2nd runner up Client Case Study – Commercial
  7. 2nd runner up Most innovative bank

2018 Awards

  • Best Retail Bank Kenya by International Finance
  • Best Banking CEO Kenya by International Finance
  • Best retail bank by Banker Africa
  • Best SME bank in Kenya by Banker Africa
  • Best Investment Institution in Kenya by Banker Africa
  • Best bank in Kenya by EMEA African Banking Awards
  • Best product launch (Mco-opcash Update) EMEA African Banking Awards

2017 Awards

  • EMEA African Banking Awards: Best Bank in Kenya
  • Social Bankers: Most Socially Devoted Bank
  • FIRE Awards: Overall winner Corporate Social Investment reporting
  • KBA Catalyst Awards 2018 Overall Winner
  1. 1st – Client Case Study – Financing Commercial Client
  2. 1st – Bank Case Study – Bank Operations & Policy
  3. 2nd -best Practice In Sustainable Finance
  4. 3rd – Sustainability Through Policy & Governance
  5. 3rd – Client Case Study – Financing Micro, Small & Medium-Sized Companies

2016 Awards

  • Best Commercial Bank, Kenya by Banker Africa
  • The Best Socially Responsible Bank in East Africa By Banker Africa
  • The Best Retail Bank in Kenya by Banker Africa
  • Catalyst Awards 2nd Position Overall Winner by Kenya Bankers Association
  1. 2nd Position: Best Practice in Sustainable Finance
  2. 1st Position: Commercial Client Case Study (Strathmore University Solar Energy Project)
  3. 1st Position: Msme Case Study (Varomatech Enterprises)

2015: Co-op Bank of Kenya scoops the Financial Times 2015 Financial Inclusion Global Award

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya won the esteemed award of Bank of the Year 2015 for Financial Inclusion in The Bankers Awards run by the Financial Times of London.
The bank beat a stiff challenge from over fifty other entries from all over the world.
Best Commercial Bank in Kenya 2015 by World Finance.

2014: Co-op Bank wins the VISA Co-brand Champion Award

At the Visa end year gala held on 28th November, 2014, Co-op Bank received the Visa Co-brand award.

2014: Co-op Bank scoops two MoneyGram awards

At the MoneyGram awards held in Nairobi on 4th November, 2014, Co-op Bank was awarded Best Receiving Agent for having the highest share of receive transactions and related receive revenues between January and October 2014. Co-op Bank was also awarded the Best Agent Marketing Investment for continued support to joint agent marketing initiatives.

2014: East African Banking Awards

Co-op Bank was awarded in two categories; Best Bank in Retail Banking and Best Bank in Microfinance.

2014: Bank CEO of the Year – Africa

This was awarded to Dr. Gideon Muriuki, Group CEO, by International Banker Magazine, in their 2014 Africa and Middle East Banking Awards. Key highlights of the award include demonstrating remarkable foresight by insisting that the Co-operative Bank of Kenya will retain its identity as a Co-operative Bank even when expanding outside Kenya, in spite of the fact that it would have been easier for the enterprise to proceed as a successful Kenyan commercial bank. Leadership in driving a sustainable growth model and expanding to other African markets by way of joint ventures with Co-operative societies is a futuristic business model that is likely to deliver inclusive growth and a more equitable sharing of the benefits of the rising prosperity of African economies, thereby turning around the bank from loss-making to one of East Africa’s fastest growing and most profitable banks. Achieving year-on-year growth in results, substantial growth in customer base and expansion of services into South Sudan. We also set up numerous bank-led initiatives to benefit the community.

2014: Best Innovation in Retail Banking

This was awarded to the Co-operative Bank of Kenya by International Banker Magazine in their 2014 Africa and Middle East Banking Awards. Key highlights of the award include demonstration of a consistent commitment to providing inclusive retail banking services in Kenya. Successfully pioneering a retail banking model that goes beyond investment in conventional bank-owned channels such as branches, ATMs, agencies and electronic banking, to include over-the-counter banking services (FOSAs) and payment card systems (Co-op switch) operated by co-operatives to serve their members, which currently number over two million. The bank’s huge investment in a payments switch, that has enabled Kenya’s vibrant SACCOs to access card payment services worldwide, is a ground-breaking innovation towards achieving financial access to the majority. Providing scholarships for underprivileged students, green energy financing packages and low-interest loans for SMEs, which may prove crucial in terms of Kenya’s future economic growth.

2014: Best Commercial Bank in Kenya 
Awarded by World Finance Banking Awards.

2013: Co-op Bank is recognized as the Most Green Bank

This was received at the 2013 Energy Management Awards for achieving the fastest turnaround time for renewable energy and energy efficiency financing for SMEs and Large Enterprises, actively promoting “Green Financing” among clients and for being the bank with the largest pipeline of projects seeking green energy financing.

2012 Awards
• FIRE Awards: 2nd runners up in Corporate Social Investment reporting.

2011: Co-op Bank is named Bank of the Year in Kenya

This was awarded by the Financial Times of London, the second year in row, as the bank also won the award in 2010.

2011: Co-op Bank is awarded Best Company in Corporate Governance

This award was received at the 2011 Financial Reporting (FiRe) Awards.

2011: Co-op Bank Group CEO honored by Kabarak University

2011: Fire Awards Overall winner: Corporate Governance

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