Correspondent Banking

 Correspondent Banking

Are you a Bank looking for a correspondent Bank in Kenya with the right expertise?

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya has an experienced Correspondent Banking team with an in-depth knowledge of international banking products and practices to meet your business requirements.

We believe in the strength of building lasting relationships for mutual benefit.

Our Correspondent Banking department offers a range of services to our correspondent banks including:

Trade Finance

  • Documentary Letters of Credit
  • Local and Foreign Guarantees
  • Documentary Collections
  • Irrevocable Reimbursement Undertaking
  • Risk Participation

Cash Management

  • KES Vostro Accounts
  • KES Collection Services

Payment Services – The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Swift Code: KCOOKENA

Money Market and Fixed Income
Foreign Exchange Spot, Swaps, and Forwards

Treasury contacts
You can get in touch with the Treasury Dealers on 0711049417/435/228/634/425/429/408/410/

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