Need funds yet your account balance is below zero? Apply for an Overdraft from us.


Access funds even when your savings balance is below zero.

Businesses need a steady cash flow to keep running at optimal levels. Our Overdraft facility enables your business operations to continue without any interruptions.


  • Utilization is on a need basis
  • Interest payment is on what has been utilized
  • May be repaid off at any given time without any penalties
  • Is an easy source of stop-gap financing to bridge short term operating cash flow differences.


  • Copies of identification documents, that is, Memorandum and Articles of Association (for registered companies)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (for registered companies)
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Identity cards for borrowers who do not have registered businesses
  • Identity cards for directors of registered companies and registered businesses
  • Bank statements for 6 months, audited accounts for loans above Ksh 5 million
  • Resolution to borrow (for registered companies), details of business location and securities to be provided

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